Book review: Getting started with Laravel 4

Getting started with Laravel 4

Getting started with Laravel 4 is a great book for beginners to get a quick overview and introduction to start developing PHP applications using Laravel 4 framework. This book helps you to get familiar with many of the framework's advanced features and tells you about the best practices while developing applications. The book good for developers who are familiar with PHP and want to learn Laravel 4 framework.

The book is fast to read and does not get deep to the finer points of the framework. The book has 128 pages and 7 chapters. First chapter Meeting Laravel is a quick introduction to the framework and tells about the main features of Laravel. The chapter also tells you the main points that inspired the developers of laravel. Chapter Composer all over is more practice chapter. It helps you to install composer and laravel and create your first laravel project.

Chapter 3 Your first application goes more to building laravel apps. I think this is one of the most important chapters of the book but it is just a short glimpse of the features of laravel. I hoped that this chapter would have told me more and explain the code examples better. Chapter 4 Authentication and security will help you to create a simple authentication mechanism to Laravel. This chapter covers some important security topics and tells how to secure your application. In my opinion this chapter was one of the best chapters. It helps especially beginners to avoid common security holes and follow best practises.

Chapter 5 Testing - It's easier than you think gives you the main idea how to write tests in Laravel 4. The framework was built testability in mind so this chapter covers an important part of Laravel. The chapter presents the testing techniques and aspects well with good code examples. In Chapter 6 A Command-line Companion
Called Artisan
, the book introduces you to Artisan tool and how to use its commands to speed up your development work. You will also learn how to create your own command. I have used my custom made commands in couple of Laravel projects. I find custom Artisan commands very useful so I think it is good to let other developers know how to create commands.

Chapter 7 Architecting Ambitious Applications tells you how to manage your code when the application grows bigger and more complex. In my opinion many things told in this chapter should have been in chapter 3. For example this chapter tells you how to use controllers for the first time in this book but controllers are basic components of MVC applications.


  • Quick and light to read
  • This book gives you what it promises: Helps you to get started with Laravel 4


  • Should have walked through more deeply
  • Some Laravel features were missing, for example events or localization.

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