iPad Mini Retina 2013 camera quality test video (filmed in Thailand)

Couple of months ago I bought myself an iPad mini retina from IT City Thailand. I made a short camera quality test video which I filmed here in Chiang Mai. I used iMovie for iOS to make the video and combine different videoclips. The video contains clips filmed with the back and front camera and also still images. I would say the overall quality is good and excellent for quick snapshots and videos. Front camera is excellent for video calls.

Book review: Getting started with Laravel 4

Getting started with Laravel 4

Getting started with Laravel 4 is a great book for beginners to get a quick overview and introduction to start developing PHP applications using Laravel 4 framework. This book helps you to get familiar with many of the framework's advanced features and tells you about the best practices while developing applications. The book good for developers who are familiar with PHP and want to learn Laravel 4 framework.

Titanium mobile: Dynamically scaling webview

titanium logo

Me and my collegue were developing an app using Titanium mobile. On iOS we had a problem with Webviews adding some extra empty white space to the bottom of the Webview. We fought with this problem couple of hours and now I would like to share the solution we found so you could save those hours that we spent. So how to scale Webview height dynamically?

First add a viewport metatag to the html content of the Webview like this:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,user-scalable=no">

Add also event listener to load event.

iPad Air and iPad mini 2 pricing in Thailand

ipad air thailand

The iPad Air and iPad mini retina display wifi models will become available tomorrow 15th of November in Thailand. The LTE models will be relased lately and I have heard a rumor that they are currently in Thailand's quality control. Both space gray and silver models are available in Thailand's Apple online store. The cheapest 16GB wifi model is starting at 16900 baht and the next 32GB 20400 baht, 64GB 23900 baht and the 128GB model 27400 baht.

Ipad Air and Ipad Mini retina display release date in Thailand

ipad family

UPDATE: iStudio will release the wifi model of iPad air on friday 15th of November. Source link (in thai)

UPDATE: iStudio will also start selling iPad mini retina wifi model on 15th of November. See pricing info.

Tutorial: How to setup Magento multistore on localhost?


I recently had a Magento multistore project which I developed on my localhost using Virtualbox and Vagrant. It required some configuring to get the multistore setup work on my local environment so I thought it would be good idea to share my setup.

How to get full page URL with javascript

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In this short tutorial I will tell you how to get the full URL of the webpage using javascript. I have had to get and manipulate the page URL multiple times when I have been programming javascript so I thought to share this information with you.

Cross domain AJAX call with Internet Exporer

I recently came across to one situation where I had to program functionality to one static website to make cross domain ajax calls to fetch some JSON data from one server and display it to user.

Here is the function that I used to make cross domain ajax call: