iPad Air and iPad mini 2 pricing in Thailand

ipad air thailand

The iPad Air and iPad mini retina display wifi models will become available tomorrow 15th of November in Thailand. The LTE models will be relased lately and I have heard a rumor that they are currently in Thailand's quality control. Both space gray and silver models are available in Thailand's Apple online store. The cheapest 16GB wifi model is starting at 16900 baht and the next 32GB 20400 baht, 64GB 23900 baht and the 128GB model 27400 baht. iPad mini with retina display is priced at 13400 baht for 16GB model and the next 32GB model is 16900 baht, 64GB 20400 baht and 128GB model 23900 baht.

Smart cover for iPad Air costs 1590 baht in Thailand and the smart case 3490 baht. The smart cover for iPad mini is priced same than Air but the smart case is little bit cheaper 2990 baht.

Source Apple store Thailand

  iPad Air wifi iPad Air LTE iPad mini with retina display wifi iPad mini with retina display LTE
16GB 16900฿ 21400฿ 13400฿ 17900฿
32GB 20400฿ 24900฿ 16900฿ 21400฿
64GB 23900฿ 28400฿ 20400฿ 24900฿
128GB 27400฿ 31900฿ 23900฿ 28400฿

Update: I have bought myself and iPad mini. See one test video here.


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