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Welcome to my redesigned website! I had an idea in the end of the last year to renew and recreate my old website. I started to create new site from scratch using Drupal 7 and after 3 months I was ready to publish the new version. The previous version of was published in the beginning of 2010.

Speed and simplicity has been my main goal. All useless features and things unnecessary for a user has been take away. I have invested to my hosting greatly. My website is hosted on VPS with SSD hardrives and 1Gigabit port. All images of the website have been optimized, code has been checked and performance has been tuned up. Everything has been updated to the latest version.

Great amount of users browse the web by mobile devices like smartphone or tablet. I wanted to improve the usability of my site for the mobile users. is now responsive and scales for the smaller screen sizes. I use awesome Skeleton drupal theme which has this feature built in.

The previous version of the website had couple of java games. I have taken these games off because of the latest security issues of java plugin and I want my website to be plugin free experience.

You may leave feedback by commenting to this article. I'm active on twitter and you can also send me feedback there. If you find some errors on the website please tell me so I can fix them as soon as possible. Thank you!


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