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Bitcoin digital currency has been on the news lately. Multiple companies have started to accept Bitcoins as one payment menthod for example domain registrar Namecheap. The price of one Bitcoin has skyrocketed from 20 dollars to 150 dollars in just couple of months. I knew about Bitcoins already before the year 2012 when the price was much less and when it was much easier to aquire them. I did not tried to get Bitcoins back then which I really regret now.

I have finally started to collect Bitcoins to my wallet (I hope its not too late), and on this blogpost I list some easy ways to get started.

1. You should follow bitcointalk.com forum. Some users might give free Bitcoins to other users when they are promoting a new website and hoping to get new users by giving free coins.

2. Bitvisitor, Visit some websites to get free Bitcoins.

3. Cointicket also gives small amounts.

4. Netlookup, easy and fast way to get free Bitcoins.

5. Bithits

6. Bitcrate, breake a crate and see how many coins you got.

7. Cointube, Watch videos and earn Bitcoins.

8. Dailybitcoins gives some small amounts of Bitcoins.

9. Coinurl, You can create ad links and get Bitcoins when someone clicks your link.

10. Bitcoin pyramid, register and receive payouts.

Also see my Bitcoin currency converter.



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